A money coach works with individuals to increase awareness of unconscious money patterns, to generate new conscious money choices and behaviours, and to build a healthy and enjoyable relationship with money.  Clients are those who want to increase their understanding of the dynamics of money flow in their lives or businesses, and/or anyone who is experiencing dissatisfaction in their current money relationship.

Change how you think and feel about money and remove the obstacles that prevent money from flowing into your life. Discover how money can affect relationships and work. Increase your peace of mind through creating a balanced life – personally and financially.

Why Awareness based Money Coaching?

Financial planners and advisors work on your bank account or your business, but don’t touch the core underlying beliefs and patterns you have about money. Money Coaching goes to the depth, and works from the foundation up, for lasting changes and health around money.

What to expect with Money Coaching

A 4-step process that consists of:

  • Identifying underlying “hard-wired” patterns
  • Determining “core issues” that stem from this patterning
  • Helping to gain new awareness and understanding of these patterns
  • Helping to gain insight regarding unconscious attitudes, beliefs and behaviours around money

Money coaching involves completing tasks and doing some reflection before and after each session. This allows you to get the most benefit. Through this process you are fully immersed and engaged in your own money growth.